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USD / EUR  0.904   |
|   EUR / USD  1.062


USD >> 67746.53   |
|    EUR >> 62520.86

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USD >> 2301.015   |
|    EUR >> 2122.916

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I provide an access to my personal data for the Credit Exchange users?

You need to go to the "Settings" section, and place a check mark against those items that you want to make public. You can share your turnover, transaction history and deals. Save your choices by clicking “Save”. No further action is required.

What is the difference between a Quick Payment and a usual transfer?

The only difference is a transaction speed. A user does not waste time on going to the proper page, selecting currency, confirming details and so on. He/she only needs to specify the receiver account and the system will automatically choose the proper currency and the account to withdraw the funds from. The Quick Payment interface appears immediately upon clicking on the "Quick Payment" button located under the menu of the Member Area.

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Do you need any help working with Perfect Money?

In this section you can get detailed information about the Perfect Money system. We will provide a complete and specific description of each system function and compliment it with video instructions. If after reading this document, you still have any problems or questions about the system, please contact our Customer support service »


Perfect Money offers its users a number of ways to load their accounts. Please review all the available methods listed in the “Deposit” section of the main menu in the Member area.

If you need to load your internal Perfect Money account, you can use one of the following deposit options:

  • Internal transfer
  • Bank wire
  • Certified Currency Exchange partners
  • E-Voucher
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Exchange

This section also lists your deposit history showing the latest ten (10) transactions arranged by their status: Pending, Complete or Canceled. Each transaction displays its status.

Internal transfer

You can make a deposit to your account by receiving an internal transfer from another user. It can be a fee for your service, or any other transfer. To receive an internal transfer, you need to notify the sender of your account number, e-mail address or the mobile phone number linked to your account.

Note: The system charges a fee for processing internal transfers, and thus, the amount deposited will differ from the amount sent. Learn more about fees in the “Fees” section.

Bank wire

Bank wire transactions are available to verified account holders only.

Deposits via bank wires are easy to do. All you need is to fill out a bank wire order form indicating a bank account to be used for the transfer.

It is highly recommended to provide the most complete information as it will help you in tracking the status of your bank wire.

After completing the bank wire order form, please click on the "Preview" button.

Check all the details, indicate the primary certified exchange service and the secondary certified exchange service from the provided list of partners, and click "Send".

24 hours after your order is placed, it will be received for review by the primary certified exchange service provider. If the primary exchange service provider cannot process your request for any reason, the application is transferred to the secondary certified exchange service provider. The maximum order processing time by each exchange service is 24 hours.

If your application is approved, you will receive a message in your e-mail and your internal system mailbox, including the bank details you need to send your money to. These bank details can also be found in your order in the "Deposit" section.

Note: It is mandatory to indicate the invoice number provided by the system in the commentary to your bank wire.

It may take up to 5 working days to receive your bank wire and to credit it to your Perfect Money account.

Note: In order to carry out this transaction, your account should be verified. The verification procedure is described in the applicable section.

The minimum amount to be deposited by a bank wire is 300 USD (or its equivalent in euro and gold).

Certified Currency Exchange partners

Take advantage of the Perfect Money certified exchange service partners to deposit funds to your Perfect Money account. All the services listed on the certified exchange service partners’ pages were thoroughly checked and tested, therefore successful transactions are guaranteed. Each exchange partner works under its own terms and conditions and offers its own depositing methods. We recommend that you study all the proposals carefully.

There are some companies among the exchange service partners who provide a wide range of options to buy Perfect Money. For example, you can load your PM account by credit card, international money transfers, cash, etc.


e-Voucher is a 16-digit electronic certificate for loading any Perfect Money account instantly (USD, EUR, Bitcoin, and gold accounts). You can also transfer or sell this code to anyone who can use it to deposit funds into his/her Perfect Money account anytime. You or any other Perfect Money user can instantly create an e-Voucher in the “Withdrawal” or “Statement” sections. The system does not charge a fee for deposits via e-Voucher. This option is of value to those users who do not want to show their account number to recipients.


Bitcoin is a world famous cryptocurrency. To deposit it into an account, a user needs to create a deposit order indicating the account number and the amount to be credited with Bitcoin, preview the order and submit.

After your order is submitted, the system provides the user with a Bitcoin address that the specified amount needs to be transferred to within 24 hours.

Your deposit is processed when the amount in Bitcoins is received. Each payment requires at least 3 confirmations.

The amount transferred to a Bitcoin address should be equal to the amount specified in the order. If you decide to make a payment in two or more increments, the total amount should be equal to the deposit amount indicated in the order form.

If the amount transferred in Bitcoin differs from the one specified in the order form, the money will be credited manually. If the amount has not been credited into your account within 24 hours, please contact the support team. Service fee for deposits via Bitcoin is 0%.

Credit Exchange

The Perfect Money system provides an opportunity to get a loan from other PM users to load an account. To enter the Credit Exchange, you need to log into your Perfect Money account and go to the appropriate section.

If you need to get a loan, you have to create an application or get acquainted with current loan offers which may be of interest to you. Lenders who offer loans transfer money to a special Credit Exchange account. If a lender's proposal meets the requirements of a borrower, the borrower receives the money to his/her account after the deal is made. Such transactions can be carried out automatically or upon lender’s confirmation. Applications for providing or getting a loan include information about the loan amount, repayment term and interest rate.

The Credit Exchange does not charge any additional fees. Lenders pay a standard 0.5% commission upon request to transfer money to a borrower. Borrowers also pay a standard 0.5% fee upon request to transfer money to a lender.

More information is available in the appropriate section.

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