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Perfect Money Certified Partners

퍼펙트 머니는 제휴를 기반으로 하며 제휴사를 높이 평가합니다.

You can always make other types of Perfect Money exchange via our certified exchange partners.
We try to reach the broadest audience and make PM as liquid as possible.

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For exchange purposes please use the services of Certified Partners only.

In this section you will find a list of all Exchange Partners, which during their work have proved that they are honest and reliable partners:


Fast currency exchange service. With us you can buy/sell Perfect/BTC/ETH/LTC/XMR/USDT and others at a favorable rate. Live support 24/7

Trust Score: 164.8

  https://mine.exchange/en/ AUTOMATED  

MINE.exchange is an automatic e-currency exchange service. We have over 500 exchange directions, including BTC, ETH, LTC, TRON, DOGE, BNB, DASH, XMR, XRP, USDT, USDC, Revolut, Perfect Money, e-Voucher, Advcash, Payeer, Qiwi, Capitalist, transactions with EUR , UAH, UZS, KZT, RUB bank cards, and much more. We perform more than 5,000 transactions per day, receive thousands of positive reviews every month and provide high-quality technical support 24/7. MINE.exchange - everything is changing for the better!

Trust Score: 1508.9

  https://hot24.exchange/en/ AUTOMATED  

Hot24.exchange - fast secure automated exchange with low fees of the title signs PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other crypto, input and output for banks of Ukraine. 24/7/365 English support.

Trust Score: 956.4


Cryptex.net - фиатная криптовалютная биржа. Работает с 2016 года. Прямой обмен PM/BTC 0.5. Крупные сделки без верификации, без лимитов / Круглосуточная поддержка (24/7/365). Perfect Money, Cash (USD/RUR)/Cash-IN RUR (QIWI/Yandex-Money/bank cards/etc.)/Cryptex code/Tether/USD/RUR/WIRE/Advcash/Cryptocurrency (BTC/LTC/XEM/etc.). Наличные: Россия, Украина, Молдова, США, ОАЭ, Великобритания.

Trust Score: 2424.1

  http://www.xmlgold.eu/ AUTOMATED  

XMLGold is online since 2000 and provides an automatic and instant exchange between Perfect Money and other e-Currencies and digital/crypto currencies, we sell /buy and exchange Bank Wire transfer to Perfect Money. Also we offer a Prepaid Reloadable MasterCard in EUR, USD and GBP which can be loaded with Perfect Money with lowest fees on the market. Our service is translated into 11 different languages which makes us accessible globally, our support service is open 24/7. For customer from Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Italy we offer an instant Online Bank Transfer which works with local banks as an internet ban link and is being processed within a few seconds.

Trust Score: 17957.8

  https://uniochange.com AUTOMATED  

User-friendly interface, Speed, Reliability! Professional and responsive consultants-all this is waiting for you on our electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service uniochange.com Here you can exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash,Tron, Ethereum,Dogecoin, Perfect money, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Yandex Money, Visa/Master Card UAH, Visa/Master Card RUB.

Trust Score: 868.3


NixExchange.com - fast exchange of the title signs PerfectMoney, NixMoney, YandexMoney, QIWI, PayPal, input and output for banks of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Trust Score: 11230.9


365cash.co - service is the exchange of currencies.We always offer our clients the best rate and quickly processed the order. Buy/Sell PM, Payeer, QIWI, Privat24. Fast and Secure exchange with low fees, 24/7 english support.

Trust Score: 1792.4


Обмен фиатных денег и криптовалют. Мы стремимся сделать операции по обмену валют быстрыми и простыми. Качественное предоставление услуг и низкие комиссии - наш приоритет.

Trust Score: 886.2


Обмен PerfectMoney и Bitcoin на наличные по России. Также Киев, Минск, Ереван. Доставка наличных курьером. Worldwide exchanger: China, Russia, Europe. Cash USD, Euro, Rub. PM-BTC, Bank wire, English support.

Trust Score: 5646.3

  http://pm2btc.me AUTOMATED  

Fully automated exchange service 24/7/365, english support, low comission.

Trust Score: 2855.5

  https://coinfusion.one AUTOMATED  

Our Exchange Point gives the opportunity in fast, safe and profitable electronic currencies exchange: Advanced cash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Tether, Bitcoin, Exmo, Capitalist. We are working with next banks: PrivatBank, Visa/Master Card. Наш обменный пункт, позволяет быстро, безопасно и выгодно, ввести, вывести и обменять электронные валюты: Advanced cash, Perfect money, Payeer, Tether, Bitcoin, Exmo, Capitalist. Мы работаем со следующими банками: Приватбанк, карты Visa/MasterCard.

Trust Score: 2345.9

  https://remitano.com AUTOMATED  

Exchange PerfectMoney with BTC, ETH, USDT, other cryptos and your fiat with a simple interface, friendly online customer support 24/7, and speedy transactions.3M+ users have used and trusted Remitano since 2015. 

Trust Score: 1749.1

  https://www.cyberbtc.com AUTOMATED  

A certified exchanger that allows you to buy, sell, and exchange Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Tether. We have Bank wire and Western Union services also.

Trust Score: 2659.9

  https://autopaypm.com AUTOMATED  

AutopayPM.Com is fully automated exchange service. We exchange from Perfectmoney to local banks in Vietnam Perfectmoney (Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Acb, ..). We provide support 24/7 by email, live chat, yahoo and hotline.

Trust Score: 1535.1


We are youth team located in different countries, we are working generally with African people, and making for them the technology more accessible.

Trust Score: 482.7

  https://muabanpm.com AUTOMATED  

MuaBanPm.com is fully automated exchange service and available 24/7, buy and sell e-currency through local bank in Vietnam. We provide support by email, live chat and yahoo 24/7

Trust Score: 1542.5


Profitable, fast and honest exchange! With us fast! 2 to 10 minutes Honestly with us! And it is very profitable with us! The advantage of the Flashobmen.com service is not only its reliability, but also the attractiveness of courses in almost all areas of exchange.

Trust Score: 1214.3

  https://7money.co AUTOMATED  

7Money.co is a cryptocurrency exchange service in Europe and the CIS 1. English technical support. Perfect Money exchange to Visa/MasterCard cards, all Ukrainian and Russian banks, Qiwi, exchange of cryptocurrencies BTC/LTC/ZEC/ETH/DASH/Tether, Payeer and others. No hidden fees, best rates and fast e-currency exchange!

Trust Score: 2971.7

  https://e-obmen.net AUTOMATED  

E-Obmen is fully automated exchange service. Exchange your e-currency with E-Obmen or buy/sell Perfect Money using Russian and Ukrainian banks in real-time. We also support deposit/withdrawal operations with VISA/Mastercard credit cards.

Trust Score: 7718.1


Fast and convenient service at the best exchange rates. Generous affiliate program - up to 50 of our profit. Удобный и быстрый сервис обмена по лучшим курсам. Щедрая партнерская программа - до 50 от прибыли сервиса.

Trust Score: 1630.4

  http://obmennik.com.ua AUTOMATED  

Obmennik.com.ua осуществляет моментальный ввод, вывод и обмен Perfect Money в Украине, России, странах СНГ и по всему миру. Вывод Perfetc Money на карты банков Украины, стран СНГ, на карты других стран мира. Пополнение с приват24. Также более 50 других направлений обмена электронных валют. Сервис доступен 34/7/365. Fully automated worldwide exchange service. We provide 24/7/365 exchange for more than 50 directions and approaching each client individually.

Trust Score: 15157.3

  https://magneticexchange.com AUTOMATED  

Magnetic Exchange provides instant conversion to and from Perfect Money and other popular e-currencies, on a 24/7 basis.

Trust Score: 4425.6


Naira4Dollar is your reliable source for fast e-currency funding and converting your e-currency to Cash. Naira4Dollar is operated by Sunej Global Ventures LTD which is a registered company with CAC. Reliable service since 2006. We offer INSTANT FUNDING!.

Trust Score: 2461


Rapid exchange of electronic currencies. Transfers in Privat24 and Sberbank. Discounts for regular customers and affiliate program.

Trust Score: 1552.3

  http://vinaex.io AUTOMATED  

Vinaex.io - automated exchange service, provides an automatic and instant Perfect Money to other e-Currencies or exchange from others currencies to Perfect Money. Vinaex.io Support Chat Online 24/7, Clients can contact Vinaex.io via Skype, Zalo, Telegram, Chat Online, Hotline, Facebook...Introduce for Vietnamese: Vinaex.io cung cấp dịch vụ mua bán trao đổi tự động trực tiếp từ Perfect Money sang các đồng tiền điện tử khác, và cũng trao đổi mua bán trực tiếp từ các đồng tiền điện tử khác sang Perfect Money. Đội Ngũ hổ trợ chat trực tuyến 24/7, khách hàng có thể liên hệ với Vinaex thông qua Skype, Zalo, Telegram, Chat trực tuyến, hotline, Facebook…

Trust Score: 584.6

  http://www.superchange.ru AUTOMATED  

Service SuperChange.ru created exclusively for instant exchanges between popular electronic currencies.

Trust Score: 9628.8

  https://weopay.com AUTOMATED  

WeoPay is reliable, fast and fully automated exchange, provide buy/sell/exchange e-currency and cryptocurrency through local transfer, Alipay and China Unionpay. English and Chinese customer service available.

Trust Score: 1205


Обменные операции занимают не более 15 минут в любое время суток. Мы работаем со всеми известными платежными системами и криптовалютами. Компетентная техническая поддержка и индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту.

Trust Score: 969.1

  https://taran.app/customers AUTOMATED  

Taran Business Online is WebApp that provides a seamless service to the customers and users to convert their local mobile payment methods into Perfect money. Taran Business Online is fully automated exchange service 24/7, low comission. We offer services in fast and reliable exchange, input-output perfect money for local mobile payment methods in somalia.

Trust Score: 166.4


Ebuygold is a market leader in E-Currency exchange services over 10 years since 2003. We provide 24/7/365 servcie with the western union,bankwire.

Trust Score: 7024.4


Papa-change.com is a fast and reliable exchange service for electronic and cryptocurrency.The best exchange rates, cumulative discount, five-level affiliate program, receiving payment on your site (merchant), adapted for mobile devices, round the clockwork and customer support. Our Papa will help you buy, sell and exchange electronic money and cryptocurrencies for the national currencies of Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the USA.

Trust Score: 1136.3


Xchange.cash - the Fast exchanger of the international currencies. We sell and buy PM from popular banks and payment systems.The exchanger works since 2012. Продаем и покупаем PM с популярных банков и платёжных систем.

Trust Score: 3271.8


Goldux.com is e-currency and crypto-currency exchanger operating since 2006. We belong to oldest and most trusted exchangers on market. Perfect Money transactions are processed instantly. We provide Live chat support 12 hours daily for your convenience.

Trust Score: 2743.1

  http://www.changer4u.com AUTOMATED  

Changer4u - is a traditional and electronic money transfer and exchange platform that combines different electronic money payment institutions and banks around the world. Unlike others similar platforms, Changer4u has a wider range of services. It is the first such specialized and licensed financial institution in the world which is supervised by a member of the European Central Bank the Bank of Lithuania. The great support will answer all questions and will help to solve all situations. Support is in English and Russian. In our exchanger is working automatic mode. Exchange with us because it is easy, reliable, safe and fast.

Trust Score: 0.5

  https://rutxu.com AUTOMATED  

Rutxu.com is a fast, secure and fully automated exchange service. We exchange from Perfectmoney/PM voucher to local banks in Vietnam. We support 2 most popular banks in Vietnam such as: VietcomBank (Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam), VietinBank (Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade). We provide support 24/7 by email, telephone number, live chat. We process customers order transaction less than 10s automatically.

Trust Score: 684

  http://pmbitcoin.com AUTOMATED  

PMbitcoin.com - automated exchange service, provides an automatic and instant Perfect Money to other e-Currencies, we sell /buy and exchange Bitcoin to PerfectMoney. We providing lowest fee on the market. Our support service will provide 24/7 customer service for all clients.

Trust Score: 1361.4

  https://santiendientu.com AUTOMATED  

santiendientu.com - service is the exchange of currency. Our system is fully automated with SSL encryption. We always provide our customers the best rates and fast order processing. Buy / Sell / Exchange PM, santiendientu.com accept Deposit and withdrawal with local bank. Fast and secure exchange at low cost, 24/7 support to ensure all customer transactions.

Trust Score: 1628.4

  https://rimiti.com/ban-perfect-money AUTOMATED  

RIMITI - Automatic and instant exchange Bitcoin - PerfectMoney - Advcash - Payeer - Alipay - Usdt,provide buy/sell e-currency and cryptocurrency through local transfer in China: Alipay,China Unionpay and in Vietnam: Vietcombank,ACB,Vietinbank,giao dịch tự động trong vòng 5s.

Trust Score: 1251.2


High-quality and rapid exchange of electronic currencies. Всегда выгодные курсы обмена PerfectMoney и оперативное выполнение заявок. Хорошая система скидок и компетентная консультация клиентов в любое время суток.

Trust Score: 964.1


Vnexpay.com is fully automated exchange service and available 24/7, buy and sell e-currency through local bank in Vietnam. We provide support by email, live chat and Skype.

Trust Score: 991.8

  http://unichange.me AUTOMATED  

Unichange.me is fast, reliable and secure e-currency exchanger. Among our methods of buying and selling Perfect Money clients can find bank wire, money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram), credit or debit cards. By constantly monitoring e-currency exchange market, we provide the best rates. We have created flexible discount system for our constant customers and partners. Besides Perfect Money we provide exchange of other popular e-currencies and many other service. Our team consists of experienced players of e-currency exchange market, working in this sphere more than 8 years already. Unichange support team is always ready to help our clients - they can submit a ticket on the website or contact us via Live chat. Our new enhanced Knowledge base enables clients to find solutions by themselves.

Trust Score: 3772.2


We have the best rates. Simply start your exchange right now. Sign up for our parther program and earn commission from each exchange. The earnings are credited in your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away.

Trust Score: 178.8


IChange.One - E-currencies automatic exchange service.We provide full automatic exchange service for the popular e-currencies PerfectMoney,Bitcoin,etc. 爱兑网 - 电子货币自动兑换 我们提供目前主流电子货币PerfectMoney,Bitcoin等的全自动兑换服务,人民币和电子货币之间的手动兑换服务。

Trust Score: 1176.6


Deminet Solution is Nigerias leading and most trusted Perfect Money Exchanger. Our funding is instant while we aspire to provide the most competitive exchange rate for Perfect Money. We accept direct bank deposit, Bank e-center cash lodgement, ATM payment, Online transfer, MoneyGram and Western Union. We are online and reachable 24/7 to provide you Perfect Money anytime you want it.

Trust Score: 1727.6


Big, Strong, Stable & Reliable, Operating since 2007. Selling & Buying at the lowest rate of 1%. Local Bank deposit, Bank wire, Bank transfer, Cash deposit and Paypal are accepted from Nigeria and all around the world. Experience the Instant Funding from the world renown exchanger. ...Experience the Difference!

Trust Score: 1808.6

  http://www.instantexchangers.net AUTOMATED  

Nigerias fastest exchange service. Professional, automatic and excellent customer support.

Trust Score: 3934.2


Buying and selling Perfect Money using Union Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qiwi, Yandex, Bank cards and other payment solutions that you will find on Nicechange.org. Fast payouts and favorable conditions. Покупка и продажа Perfect Money с помощью Union Pay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qiwi, Yandex, Банковских карт и др. платежных решений, которые Вы найдете на сайте Nicechange.org. Быстрые выплаты и выгодные условия.

Trust Score: 626.1


Deltachanger is a fast and secure exchange for Perfect Money to PayPal, Western Union, Webmoney, Skrill, Wise, Moneygram, Payoneer, Alipay, Wechat, Venmo, Zelle, Tether USDT and many local bank transfers, mobile wallets such as M Pesa, MobileMoney, Paytm, Easypaisa Currencies in USD, EUR, GBP, AED, INR, PKR, BDT, CAD, AUD, HKD, SGD, BRL, NGN, ZAR and many more.

Trust Score: 887.5


Exchange Perfect Money to Local Transfer USD, EUR, GBP, AED, INR, PKR, BDT, CAD, AUD, HKD, SGD, BRL, NGN, ZAR with 70+ countries local currency! Exchange with 7 more payment gateway like Bank Wire, SEPA Transfer, Mobile Payment, Cash Payment, Visa/Mastercard, Mircard, Western Union, Money Gram. Exchange with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Tether and others Altcoin, Also send money to your own account or send to your friends, family, relatives or someone else account through Perfect Money! Its amazing...

Trust Score: 2131.6


Ahaschanger.com is exchanger since August 2014, our service is 24/6 exchange Perfectmoney to IDR and other e-money, with exchange proccessed within 15 minutes. Our commitment to be the best, fast, and secure exchanger.

Trust Score: 6526.6

  https://ultrachange.com AUTOMATED  

Ultachange.biz is fully automated exchange service. Exchange your e-currency with Ultachange.biz or buy/sell Perfect Money using Moneygram, RIA, Western Union, Cash Russia. We also support withdrawal operations with VISA/Mastercard credit cards. Ежедневно покупаем и продаём PerfectMoney за наличные в Москве офис, курьер, cash-in.

Trust Score: 2508.1


WizExchanger is a trusted and reliable currency exchange platform that supports the conversions of INR (Indian rupee) to perfect money. Wizexchanger accept all indian payment methods like Paytm,UPI,Bank transfers,IMPS etc...We sell and buy Perfect Money and other e-currencies on our website at the lowest rates and from virtually anywhere in India.We are available on 365 days from 9:00 AM - 21:00 PM (IST) on whats app,Telegram and Ticket System.

Trust Score: 416.8


Сервис 1-online.ru предоставляет услугу по обмену криптовалюты. Дает возможность быстрого, надежного и простого обмена электронных валют и вывода денежный средств на банковские карты. Service 1-online.ru provides a service for the exchange of crypto currency. It enables fast, reliable and simple exchange of electronic currencies and the withdrawal of funds to bank cards.

Trust Score: 435.4


COCOpay - a platform for fast and reliable exchanges. We offer a wide range of exchange directions with cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and stablecoins USDT and USDC. We work with the international payment system Perfect Money USD and bank cards, including currencies UAH, KZT, and RUB. Our technical support is available 24/7 and promptly resolves even the most complex cases. Thousands of satisfied clients love and trust us. Welcome to COCOpay - the paradise of exchanges!

Trust Score: 45.4

  https://tienaogiare.com AUTOMATED  

TienaoGiare.com is fully automated exchange service and available 24/7. We are buy and sell e-currency through local bank in Vietnam (Vietcombank, techcombank...). We provide support by email, live chat, zalo and hotline.

Trust Score: 710.8


I-obmen.biz is a fast and safe exchanger. We buy and sell the PM for the most popular banks. We guarantee our clients the excellent courses and a quick exchange. I-obmen.biz - быстрый и безопасный обменник. Мы продаем и покупаем PM за самые популярные банки и гарантируем нашим клиентам отличные курсы и быстрый обмен.

Trust Score: 1066.5


E-dollar was founded in 2010 as one of the leading e-currency exchange providers, with the lowest exchange rates possible, and completing these exchanges within shortest possible time. We provide services to large Online Forex Brokers, Internet Merchants, Exchangers, Consultancy Companies and Individuals, who prefer safe e-currency exchange

Trust Score: 2275


Epay supports e-currencies exchange services and Western Union, Moneygram, Riamoney Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer services. Epay is a world-leading service provider in the internet financial and the online payment system with its advanced philosophy.

Trust Score: 1982.4


KZ-exchange - покупаем / продаем PerfectMoney в Казахстане, Всегда готовы к диалогу и обратной связи с нашими клиентами. Выгодный курс. Хорошая система скидок и бонусы за рекомендации нашего обменного сервиса.

Trust Score: 1499.5

  https://www.asiapaid.net AUTOMATED  

Asian Exchanger is one of the most reliable and secure website. You can trust us without any hesitation. We accept bitcoin, eathereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, Tether, Ripple. Webmoney, Perfect money, Advcash, Payeer and many more. Since: 2016 we are giving our best support

Trust Score: 757.4

  http://www.utopiavoucher.com AUTOMATED  

Utopia Exchange is a semi-autometic fast and reliable exchange service for electronic and cryptocurrency.The best exchange rates, awesome discount, affiliate program, receiving payment on your site (merchant), round the clockwork and customer support. Our Papa will help you buy, sell and exchange electronic money and cryptocurrencies for the national currencies of Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the USA. Our most usable currency is Tether USDT TRC20 and Perfect Money and then others.

Trust Score: 757.4


1wm.kz – казахстанский обменный пункт электронной валюты. Покупка и продажа Perfect Money, EKZT, Qiwi, Webtransfer USD, Казкоммерцбанк и Халык банк. Выгодный курс, быстрая техподдержка, накопительная система скидок и партнерская программа.

Trust Score: 2167.9



Trust Score: 1607.6


Hufan exchange is fast and secure fully automated exchange service. We exchange from Perfectmoney to local mobile wallets somalia, kenya, ethiopia, such as Perfectmoney to Evcplus, Mpesa, E-dahab, telebirr, and many more We provide support 24/7 by whatsapp, email, live chat, Telegram.

Trust Score: 217.2


Fast and convenient service at the best exchange rates. Affiliate program - up to 30 of our profit. Удобный и быстрый сервис обмена по лучшим курсам. Партнерская программа - до 30 от прибыли сервиса.

Trust Score: 842.7


AnyExchange.best is a convenient and reliable online service for quickly exchanging your crypto assets. Here you can safely and quickly exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money and vice versa. Our site contains a built-in AML service that checks all transactions for “purity”. Using AnyExchange.best, you can always be sure not only of favorable exchange conditions, but also of a high level of security for your crypto assets.

Trust Score: 160.7


We offer unbeatable lowest rates, fastest exchange, quick support and Easy-to-use service for buying/selling of major e-currency.

Trust Score: 2954.2


Kassa.cc - a single currency exchange. provides fast, safe e-currency exchange and withdrawal to Bank cards. Here you can exchange Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff credit systems, VTB 24 and other payment systems. The service has an affiliate program and discount system.

Trust Score: 2850.9


InstantEfunding.com Is your most reliable exchanger in Nigeria with lowest rate. Instant funding of PerfectMoney, Bitcoin From cash and To cash. We are duly registered with CAC body of Nigeria and we are subsidiary of JOUSLAW SERVICES serving digital e-currency since 2010.
 Customer Satisfaction - Fast - Trusted and we accept WU,MG,Local bank and Online transfer.

Trust Score: 1684.2


Baksman.net - fast and reliable currency Exchange. Baksman.org - сертифицированный обменный сервис, производящий покупку и продажу Perfect Money за любые Банки Российской Федерации и электронные платежные системы. Время обменной операции 5-15 минут. Мы предоставляем выгодную партнерскую программу с накопительной системой скидок и гибкие курсы на обмен Perfect money.

Trust Score: 799.6


e-PAYLIVE247 is an e-currency service provider since 2007 in Nigeria owned by HRK Globallinks.We provide world-class ,reliable and prompt service deliveries. Our service platform is carefully built to meet the numerous needs of our customers. It helps you monitor and track your transactions effectively.

Trust Score: 1725.8


Africas/Nigerians Best, Fast,Cheap and Reliable Exchanger, Buy and Sell or Exchange,PerfectMoney and othere digital currency through Ecobank,UBA bank,Bank wire, Western union, Moneygram payments.All of our orders are completed whitin 15 minutes after we get your payment. We provide 24/7/365 services with live chat, phone/sms support, First Instant funding company and with over 5,000 satisfied customers cant be wrong in Nigeria.

Trust Score: 1760.2


4008005673.com is fully automated exchange service and available 15/7/365. Buy / Sell e-currency through local transfer,Bank Wire,Money Gram,Alipay and China Unionpay. We provide support by email, live chat, fax and phone in English and Chinese. We have a flexible system of discounts and the partnership rewards.

Trust Score: 3233.1


FastChange.me – это сертифицированный обменный сервис. Работаем круглосуточно, без перерывов и выходных. К обмену доступны криптовалюты, платежные системы и любые Российские банки. Мы работаем быстро и качественно, гибкий курс и система бонусов приятно Вас удивят. Круглосуточная профессиональная техподдержка, с радостью поможет разобраться с любым вопросом. FastChange - сервис качественных и быстрых обменов валют.

Trust Score: 1435.3


Welcome to MyCrypto.Market - professional exchange service. BUY, SELL Perfect Money using PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other e-currencies and cryptocurrencies. Friendly support is always online for you! Так же доступны переводы на карты банков Сбербанк, Альфа-банк, Alfa-cash-in, Тинькофф, Qiwi, Яндекс.Деньги. Заходите, отзывчивая служба поддержки ответит на Ваши вопросы!

Trust Score: 708.4

  http://www.evogates.com AUTOMATED  

Evogates.com is a Malaysian E-currency Exchanger for more than 10 years. We founded in the year of 2005. We provide Fast, Secure and Hassle Free service for trading perfect money by local malaysia bank deposit such as Maybank, RHB Public Bank. We also accept international customers deposit through Wire Transfer, Western Union or Money Gram. We guaranteed the transaction will be completed within 5 - 20 minutes for local customers 1 - 3 days for international customers. Our business operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We have English support for our customers by Call, SMS, Whatsapp Wechat. Our service is top in Malaysia with best rates and advance system. We also provide automatic instant exchange services.

Trust Score: 3049


USD CARE is an online dollar buy sell e-wallet exchanger in BD. You can exchange your fund from one e-wallet to another e-wallet in a minute. We also support you to convert your international e-currency with a local e-currency in your country.

Trust Score: 692.8


obmenom.com – обменный сервис, со множеством электронных валют, который постоянно пополняется новыми популярными направлениями. На данный момент предоставляем возможность обмена по следующим направлениям: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash, ePayments, Neteller, Skrill, Qiwi, Сбербанк, Альфа-Банк, Тинькофф, Приват24, Наличные. Преимущества: отсутствует 2 комиссии при обмене с Приват24 или Qiwi благодаря ручному способу перевода средств. Все операции требуют дополнительного вмешательства оператора ведь они проводятся в ручном или полуавтоматическом режиме, что добавляет безопасности при переводе Ваших средств.

Trust Score: 1080.8


Ciinaexchange is a subsidiary of Cina72 Nigeria Enterprises, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission; at Cinaexchange you can buy and sell your digital currency at affordable rate; instant responds is guaranteed to all our client.

Trust Score: 1334.7


Exchanging PM for banks, money transfers, BTC, cash in Russia. Stable reserves, helpful support, fast exchanges, discounts. We help your wealth grow!

Trust Score: 379.2


With AbcObmen.com you can buy and sell Perfect Money using Bitcoin, Monero, USDT, Qiwi, bank cards and other payment solutions that are available on our website. Fast and secure exchange. Personal conditions. ABCobmen – надежный и удобный сервис по обмену электронных валют. Вы можете совершить безопасный обмен любой сложности в кратчайшие сроки. ABCobmen - это амбициозная команда профессионалов, которая всегда учитывает пожелания клиентов, находясь в курсе современных трендов и тенденций рынка.

Trust Score: 378.5


English support. Fast and Secure exchange for you! SELL / BUY PerfectMoney for BTC, Payment systems, Bank WIRE , WU, MG.

Trust Score: 856.5


Automatic and instant exchange service Perfect Money to Bitcoin. Very low fees.

Trust Score: 1399.9


Tivaz осуществляет быстрый и круглосуточный обмен Perfect Money на другие валюты и банки России и Украины. Без перерывов и выходных. 24/7. Tivaz provides a fast and non-stop exchange Perfect Money to other currencies and banks in Russia and Ukraine. Without breaks and days off. 24/7.

Trust Score: 2071.5

  https://btcsale.biz AUTOMATED  

BTCSale is a simple and convenient service for automatic and instant exchange between Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Stellar, TRON, Monero, QIWI, PrivatBank, monobank, SberBank, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Visa/MasterCard UAH/RUB.

Trust Score: 484


9jaCASH is the Fastest and MOST Reliable e-currency exchange firm in NIGERIA that helps you to add funds and withdraw from your PERFECT MONEY account at the most competitive exchange rate. We offer instant payment for perfect money sell order and instant funding for buy order. Our interface is simple to use and efficient. We are always online and reachable at all time. Try us now and have the unbeatable customers’ reward that we offer.

Trust Score: 865.6


ZITC-Exchange is one of Nigerias largest and most trusted accredited Perfect Money Exchangers situated in Warri,Delta state and with a growing base of thousands of customers through its site network.A leader in e-currency exchange, fully capable of handling large and small perfect money orders efficiently with an unparalleled reward system for her customers.

Trust Score: 2493.6


24paybank.com - the Fast exchange service of the international currencies. Buysell Perfect Money, BTC, Visa/MasterCard, QIWI, VTB, Sberbank, Tinkoff and other. Мы работаем круглосуточно без выходных. Всегда на связи вежливый support даст консультацию по любому вопросу. Накопительная система скидок и выгодная партнерская программа.

Trust Score: 542


Welcome to professional team! Service available 24/7/365 with lowest fees on market. Imexchanger.pro is exchange service which Supported all main currencies and cryptocurrencies! SELL and BUY Perfect Money using Western Union, Money Gram and RIA; Withdraw Perfect money to Visa, MasterCard or exchange between Perfect Money and other e-currencies and cryptocurrencies. All of this is available with perfect speed and friendly support.

Trust Score: 892.7


Exchanger.io is e-currency and crypto-currency exchanger working 24/7 with automatic payments. You can exchange your Perfect Money instantly to other e-currencies and cryptos. We offer 20 affiliate program and for registered clients we have discount program, where you can get up to 20 discount from exchange fees. Our support service works 16 hours daily, providing also live chat to solve every issue instantly.

Trust Score: 819.7


Standard Gold Nigeria is the leading e-currency exchanger for buying and selling of major e-currencies with the lowest exchange rates and completing these exchanges within shortest possible time. We are tested and trusted by our clients and we offer the best rates around. Our fast, cheap reliable services ensures that you get the best value for your money.

Trust Score: 1099.7


Carpro Global, the e-currency specialist, is the exchanger you can depend on as your secure source for cheap and fast transactions in buying and selling of Perfect money in Nigeria. We have branches in Port Harcourt, Abuja and Umuahia. Visit any of our office location nearest to you or give us a call for instant funding.

Trust Score: 1100.2


PAYGET is an international exchange service that allows you to make exchanges of electronic currencies anywhere in the world, wherever you are. You can make exchanges with PAYGET from any device, no matter what you are comfortable using, a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. Connect to the Internet and in minutes you can exchange electronic currencies. All our wallets are fully verified, which guarantees you reliability and confidence when making an exchange. Simplicity, honesty and speed - this is our slogan.

Trust Score: 550.7


What is money exchange sefina is a site that was created in 2020 to enjoy until today very popular exchange through banks and provide many ways for customers to withdraw their profits online. How much does the sefina team consist of? They are a team of 5 people. Thanks to this team, sefina has become the number one site in the Middle East.

Trust Score: 296.6


Обменная площадка bankcomat.com - это надежный финансовый партнер. В кратчайшие сроки и по лояльному курсу совершаем обмены электронных платежных систем и криптовалют. Работаем со всеми Российскими банками и банками Ближнего Зарубежья. Всем клиентам доступна накопительная система скидок и выгодная партнерская программа, всегда на связи профессиональная техподдержка. Надежный и удобный способ пополнения и вывода Perfect Money.

Trust Score: 540


Exchange Perfect Money with BTC, ETH, USDT, other cryptos, carteiras eletrônicas and your fiat with a simple interface, friendly online customer support and speedy transactions. 100K+ users have used and trusted Senhor Money, since 2008 operating in the Brazilian market.

Trust Score: 1537.8

  https://rassurexchange.com AUTOMATED  

https://rassurexchange.com est lun des meilleurs échangeurs de E-monnaies en Afrique. Fiable et sécurisé vous pouvez échanger vos Perfect Money contre la monnaie local XOF via les mobiles money et dautres moyens de paiements. Les achats sont automatiques et sécurisés 24/7 avec les mobiles money.

Trust Score: 715.9


ArbitrCoin is an e-currency exchange service created specially for professional cryptocurrency traders. This service is for those who do not limit their business by only one exchange and who want to get extra profit from inter-exchange arbitrage

Trust Score: 838.4


Mchange.net - a semi-automatic exchange service that provides safe and favorable exchange conditions. The service works for 24/7 in all popular and demanded directions. The site is an extensive platform for the input and output of various cryptocurrencies. It produces receiving and sending payments in Russia/CIS/EU. We use many payment systems in our work, including the well - known payment system-Perfect Money. We produse exchanges almost instantly at any time of the day. The average time for processing applications is from 2 to 10 minutes. Our polite, round-the-clock technical support will advise, help and accompanie you during the entire exchange process. There are individual conditions for clients who what to exchange the large amounts of money. We offer a flexible system of discounts and the possibility of additional earnings through a two-level referral program.

Trust Score: 342.8


Ecrest Global Resources is the most reliable exchanger with great reputation, providing e-currency exchange (buying and selling) at the most competitive rate. We are committed to rendering first class service to our clients — first time, all time. Our services are reliable, fast, efficient, secure and affordable, with dedicated customer support anytime of the day. We accept local bank deposit within Nigeria and bank wire.

Trust Score: 850.4


www.ngrcash.com is a semi-automatic platform which sells, buys and exchanges digital currency units online

Trust Score: 981.2


Fast24hours is one of the Indonesian Exchanger Certificed Partner Perfect Money. We provide service Monday until Friday and buy or sell Ecurrencies such as Fasapay, Payeer, Advcash, Indodax. At Fast24hours.com we have livechat also Whatsup support to make contact with our customer. And the transactionsprocess is during 5 until 10 minutes. Our Website uses SSL encrytion, so that to secure and protecting privacy data and security customer. We accept Deposit and withdrawal with local bank in Indonesia BCA, MANDIRI, BRI, BNI, Cimb niaga, Permata, BII.

Trust Score: 1269.4


We are an online e-money exchange service platform in Chinese and English, providing mainstream e-wallet and cryptocurrency exchange services, including perfectmoney, advcash, WEBMONEY, payer, usdt, skrill, Alipay, etc., and supporting the exchange service between RMB and e-money. Russian and more cryptocurrency exchanges will be supported in the future. 我们是一个在线的电子货币兑换中英文服务平台,提供主流电子钱包和加密币的兑换服务,包括PerfectMoney, AdvCash,WebMoney, Payeer,USDT, Skrill,Alipay等,支持人民币和电子货币间兑换服务。未来将支持俄语、更多的加密币兑换。

Trust Score: 327.2


Leading e-currency exchange provider. NairaEx is committed to giving our customers the most reliable and best service in the industry.

Trust Score: 615.5

  http://www.changex.com AUTOMATED  

Changex.com aims to have the best exchange rates for all major e-currencies and the best support for our clients. Support is in English and Russian. Safe, fast, reliable and very easy to use. Buy, sell and trade various e-currency types. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality services available, secure website, low fees. Buy, sell and trade various e-currency. Also we have BankWire and SEPA options. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality services available as we are trying to keep our exchange rates as low as possible to stay competitive, and of course benefit our customers.

Trust Score: 1170.7


For information technology, electronic commerce and electronic marketing, limited liability / registered in accordance with the provisions of Companies Law No. 21 of 1997 amended... We provide shipping and credit card issuance services in Iraq..Provide educational seminars, development and training workshops..Provide gift card services or gift vouchers..Provide multi-merchant service or what is known as the merchant system. And others and work to provide a safe environment for all customers to benefit from the services of merchants known by us and thus contribute to supporting the free business sector

Trust Score: 769.9

  http://wikipays.com AUTOMATED  

wikipays.com — это автоматизированная платформа, которая позволяет быстро, безопасно и по выгодному курсу обменять электронные валюты. У нас Вы можете осуществить ввод/вывод электронных денег как за наличные, так и с банковских карт. Wikipays.com is an automated platform that allows you to exchange electronic currencies quickly, securely and at a profitable rate. With us, you can make and receive e-money for both cash and bank cards.

Trust Score: 558


We Provide E-Currency for Investing,Trading Forex, Autosurfs, High Yield Investment Plans, Online Product Purchase and many more purposes. We are into E-Currency Exchange Business Since 2005. We are Most Reliable E-Currency Exchanger in Lagos .We Help You to Convert Naira To E-Currency. We Also Help You Convert Back your E-Currency to Naira.

Trust Score: 3063.9


CryptoXchange is automated exchange service of Sberbank, Tinkoff/Tinkoff QR codes (anonymous cash in Russia), PrivatBank, Monobank, BTC, ETH, USDT. Quick and anonymous. Best service! Polite and competent support. CryptoXchange это автоматический обменный сервис для Сбербанка, Тинькофф/Тинькофф QR коды (анонимные наличные по РФ), Приват24, Монобанк, BTC,ETH, USDT. Быстро и анонимно. Лучший сервис! Вежливая и компетентная поддержка.

Trust Score: 142.4


YUSBAY is the most reliable, trusted and fast e-currency exchange in Nigeria registered by corporate affairs commission of Nigeria CAC with Registration Code RC: 1818007. It is growing and very fast in delivery of its services. We offer perfect money, bitcoin, and other digital currencies. Instant funding is assured 24/7.

Trust Score: 562.9


TruexGOLD is a subsidiary of Truex Access Resources, an e-currency exchange company registered in Nigeria with the CAC to provide various e-currency exchange services to the public. TruexGOLD makes it easier for you to fund and withdraw from your perfect money account. TruexGOLD accepts local bank deposits, western union money transfer, money gram and bank wire transfers. Choosing us as your favourite exchanger is just the perfect choice.

Trust Score: 2124


We buy and sell PM for bank transfer(WIRE) from private individuals and legal entities, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Visa, MasterCard, Privat24. Every day 24 hour English support, Welcome. Ввод/вывод РМ по всей России. Курьерская доставка наличных, пополнение любого банка РФ, принимаем Альфа-Банк - пополнение с любого города без открытия счета. Обмен РМ-ВТС-ВТСе. Работаем с денежными переводами WU/MG/Unistream/Contact/Анелик.

Trust Score: 598.6


Stropay.me formerly known as zenithincome is the largest and most trusted Perfectmoney certified automatic exchanger in Africa. Our services include buying, selling and exchange of PM, BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, TRC20, BCH, DASH, XMR, XRP, ZEC, USDT within Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast through our website www.stropay.me. We accept MTN MoMo, AirtelTigo, Vodafone Cash, Bank Deposit, Western Union with 24/7 customer service. Our whatsApp No: +2330246373736.We also look forward in working with reliable partners around the world.

Trust Score: 1074.1


PerfectOnlineChanger.com is the 1st Perfect Money changer in Indonesia. Get best rate with fast and secure transaction through 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Located in Jakarta, trusted since 2008. Perfect Choice for your E-Currency Changer Solution.

Trust Score: 3561.3


Сервис N-obmen.net осуществляет вводвыводобмен PerfectMoney. Низкие комиссии, быстрые операции, выгодные курсы, надежность, качественное обслуживание, индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту, онлайн консультант, работа сервиса 24/7.

Trust Score: 1659

  https://geeexchange.com AUTOMATED  

Service Gee Exchange provides services to automatic and semi-automatic exchange/input/output of various electronic currencies including Perfect Money. Applications are accepted around the clock seven days a week 24/7. Our service is certified partner of all these online payment systems. All used for the exchange wallets are verified and tested by the security service of the payment systems. All exchanges are strictly only via the application on the website.

Trust Score: 541.7


Pakistans 1 E Currency Exchange. You can Buy - Sell - Exchange Neteller - Skrill - Perfect Money - Payeer - Paypal FNF - Paypal Service - Jazz Cash - EasyPiasa - Westren Union - Money Gram. We have the best rates. Simply start your exchange right now.

Trust Score: 795


Cryptex24 is a fast, simple and convenient service to exchange digital and cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell digital money with bank transfer or instant money transfer or convert one digital currency to another. We have market rates and low commissions. Our profitable affiliate program allows you to earn up to 20 of our fee for each transaction of each referral lifetime! Try Cryptex24 now!

Trust Score: 1167.3

  https://netex.io AUTOMATED  

Instantly rapid automated exchange of almost all popular payment systems!

Trust Score: 919.9


Nigeria No 1 E -wallet and crypto exchange. We exchange Deriv funds, crypto, perfect money and other e-currencies with the best market rates.

Trust Score: 108.8


Our digital (electronic) currency exchange office is a system created on the basis of modern software which contains the entire set of necessary features for convenient and safe conversion of the most common types of electronic money. Our task is to achieve a good reputation, obtain the status of a reliable partner and do everything for you to make a successful exchange.Наш пункт обмена цифровых (электронных) валют SCSobmen.com – система, созданная на базе современного программного обеспечения и содержащая весь набор необходимых функций для удобной и безопасной конвертации наиболее распространенных видов электронных денег. Наша задача заработать хорошую репутацию, получить статус надёжного партнёра и сделать всё, чтобы Вы совершили успешный обмен.

Trust Score: 259.6


24.zone is a multicurrency online service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency and fiat funds. The exchanger works in semi-automatic mode. The service contains the entire set of necessary functions for convenient and secure conversion of the most common types of cryptocurrency, electronic money and payment systems, such as: BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, DASH, Stellar, Tether USDT, Ripple, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Alpha Cash-in, Sberbank, Visa / Master Card and many others.

Trust Score: 129.2


xbrokerfund.com is a marketplace where digital currencies and other financial securities are traded. We provide instant swap/exchange of perfect money to USDT, BTC, Naira, Deriv or other cryptocurrency. We also buy/sell/swap all forex funds. Our professional Service are available 24/7 with the best exchange rate.

Trust Score: 154.6


Наш сервис предоставляет услуги по Обмену/Вводу/Выводу титульных знаков Perfect Money и других электронных валют в автоматическом режиме. Никаких скрытых комиссий. Компетентная техническая поддержка и индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту. Мы дорожим своей репутацией и своими клиентами! Our service provides services for the Exchange/Input/Output of the title characters of Perfect Money and other electronic currencies automatically. No hidden fees. Competent technical support and individual approach to each client. We value our reputation and our customers!

Trust Score: 452.6


Gold2Naira is Nigerias Premier e-currency exchanger. We sell and buy Perfect Money and other e-currencies on our website and office at the lowest rates and from virtually anywhere in Nigeria. All you need to do is to sign up for a Gold2Naira account, login and place your Order. We are available from Mon - Sat, 8 AM - 6 PM.

Trust Score: 825.4


Atchange.net is an Instant Exchange.Our aims to have the best exchange rates for all major e-currencies and the best support for our clients. Support is in English,Russian and Chinese. Safe, fast, reliable and very easy to use. Buy, sell and trade various e-currency types. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality services available, secure website, low fees. Buy, sell and trade various e-currency types. We ensure that you will receive the highest quality services available as we are trying to keep our exchange rates as low as possible to stay competitive, and of course benefit our customers.

Trust Score: 490


Fast and reliable E-currency and crypto exchange in Nigeria. We buy/sell Perfect Money/BTC/ETH/LTC/USDT/BNB and other currencies at the cheapest possible rate. We can also exchange your Perfect Money to any currency of your choice.

Trust Score: 100.5


Fastechanger is an Online Dollar Buy Sell and Exchange Platform. Best Trusted site with good currency resources in world. Change your wallet safely and instantly.

Trust Score: 807.6


Работаем с 2006 года.Производим обмен на другие платежные системы. Также осуществляем Ввод / Вывод на наличные. Главный офис: Ереван, Армения Online since 2006. Changing PM to other payment systems. We also carry out cash deposit/withdrawal. Main office: Yerevan, Armenia. آنلاین از سال 2006. تغییر PM در سیستم های پرداخت دیگر. ما همچنین سپرده / برداشت نقدی را انجام می دهیم.

Trust Score: 910


24Bestex - это быстрый и надежный обмен электронных валют. Меняйте гривны, доллары, евро на Приват24, Perfect Money, ADVcash, Payeer. Для обмена регистрация не нужна! У нас всегда актуальный курс и низкие комиссии для выгодного обмена. Все обмены осуществляются только через наш сайт и в ручном режиме через оператора в течение 5-30 минут. Безопасная связь по SSL протоколу. Работает онлайн поддержка на сайте. Помощь и консультации в чате и по электронной почте.

Trust Score: 519.5


Altecho trading exchange limited (atel) provides the service of buying and selling of e-currencies such as perfect money, our payment is instant and very reliable. We are one of the most trusted accredited E-currency exchangers and our mission is to inspire global traders with access to the world’s largest and most liquid market. 24/7 customer service for all clients.

Trust Score: 699.9


Payment Medium, Inc. is a registered financial firm. We provide Perfect Money Exchange, Withdraw and Deposit service in Pakistan, India, Bangladaish and in more 120+ countries worldwide. We offer withdraw to Western union, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Bank Transfer and also to other e-currencies like Payza, Egopay, Bitcoin and many more.

Trust Score: 1634.1


We are Exchanging since June , 2009 . We help many peoples to make payments online through our Exchange service . Anytime , at anywhere, We are always here to offer you Fastest , Lowest & Reliable Exchange Service. We intend to be the best exchanger and offer you a stress free experience. Additionally, Soon we will be able to allow you to Buy and Sell E-Currencies with bank wire and Western Union (PM). Our mission is to ensuring highest customer satisfaction by providing best online E-Currencies Exchange, Buy and Sell services to the clients.

Trust Score: 600.7


ApnarTaka provide Dollar Buy, Sell, Exchange Service in Bangladesh. We are in this business past 4 years and we have gained broad reputation. User can Buy, Sell or Exchange All the services we provide. Our watchword to provide service Bangladeshies Freelancer, Captcha worker, Data entry worker, Data Conversation worker and varies type freelancing service worker get his/her payment with lowest fees and without hassle free.

Trust Score: 539.2


Our online service is intended for those who want to exchange WebMoney quickly, safely and at a favorable rate

Trust Score: 664.7

  https://www.animax1991.com AUTOMATED  

animax1991.com - Fast, Secure and AUTOMATED Exchange between Perfect Money ( PM ) and Viet Nam Bank. Mua bán, trao đổi Perfect Money (PM ) với các ngân hàng Việt Nam.

Trust Score: 520


Atpayz is an e currency exchanger that provide exchange of perfect money. We are available to serve you all the time.

Trust Score: 171.3


CoinAnytime, is a trusted and reliable e-currency exchange company in Nigeria, providing the easiest and secure platform for fast and efficient exchange of Perfect Money and other e-currencies to everyone. we accept local bank deposits, Western Union,ATM and Bank Wire transfers. CoinAnytime, is a subsidiary of Anytime Global Resources registered with the CAC of Nigeria with the Reg.No. BN:2556661. we are steadily online for your 24/7 e-payment services.

Trust Score: 545.8


Sowget formerly MyTopExchange is a leading ecurrency exchanger in Nigeria. We deal on the instant exchange of Perfect Money, Bitcoin and many more. In business since 2012, enjoy unbeatable rates, 24/7 customer support.

Trust Score: 635.6


Services offer the possibility of exchanging all the mobile money of the country Madagascar with the electronic currencies of Perfect Money and vis-versa

Trust Score: 547.8


SwapCoin.cc – это качественный, надежный и безопасный обмен электронных валют. Если у Вас появятся вопросы, для Вас круглосуточно работает вежливая и оперативная техподдержка. Наш специалист ответит Вам в течении минуты. Все заявки мы обрабатываем в течении 10 мин, для криптовалют требуется лишь 2 подтверждения. SwapCoin.cc будет для Вас лучшим решением, если Вам надо купить или продать любую криптовалюту (актуальный список направлений Вы можете посмотреть на нашем сайте), обменять между собой электронные валюты или вывести Ваши средства на банковскую карту с лучшими комиссиями. Мы осуществляем обмен 24/7 и работаем ежедневно без праздников и выходных.

Trust Score: 259.5


We have the highest Perfect Money Trust Score in NIGERIA and Africa. Wholesaler! Serving thousands of customers. We are legally incorporated and registered in NIGERIA. 100% Customer satisfaction rate since 2009. Fully handling all orders small, medium and even big within 24 hours after receiving the money. We accept cash deposits in NIGERIA.

Trust Score: 2505


Topmylr is a NIGERIA Leading, registered by CAC with Reg. Code RC: (os2845) and most trusted e-currency exchange company since 2009 Nigeria No.1 Cheap Perfect Money Exchanger, unbeatable e-currency exchange rates for end user and even for bulk sales and most of all first-class customer service. We have maintained our position as the Cheap (Number One) and fastest in selling/buying of perfect money Online. We convert your naira to e-currency of your choice and also convert your e-currency to naira with very ease .Acceptable payment methods include: local bank deposit, Internet bank transfer, cash deposit at GTBank ATM deposit machine.

Trust Score: 1306

  https://365exchanger.com AUTOMATED  

365Exchanger is a fast automatic exchange platform for bitcoin, PayPal, wire transfer USD and other cryptocurrency. We also offer instant low fees funding for Nigerian customers and all over the world. We operate 24/7.

Trust Score: 751.8


We exist for our clients, we satisfy their daily financial needs, freeing up resources for something more important! This mission in one phrase reflects the essence of our service, the simplicity of financial decisions, a full range of services and innovative services. We care about our customers! Schedule: working 24 hours 7 days a week!

Trust Score: 136.1


TradeXchange is the leading e-Currency exchanger in Nigeria today. Exchange your e-Currency at the best rates. eTradeXchange is an e-Currency exchanger for Perfect Money in Nigeria PM. We fund account instantly upon confirming your payment. Be rest assured we will handle all your exchanges safely, accurately and efficiently. When it comes to exchanging currencies… You can count on us!

Trust Score: 872.2

  https://safepaytm.com AUTOMATED  

Safepaytm.com is fully automated exchange service for virtual currencies such as Perfect Money, WebMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, bKash, Nagad, Rocket and others e-currencies. Our system is a fast and secure exchange services with SSL encrypted and Cloud flare protected, and 24/7 to ensure all transaction of customers. We developed a platform to help you buy and sell your favorite digital currencies using a variety of often unusual payment methods.

Trust Score: 533.1


Automated exchange service 24/7/365, a lot of e-currency, cryptocurrency and banks. We replenish services, exchanges, hosting, advertising platforms. Автоматический платежный сервис 24/7/365. Большой выбор платежных систем, криптовалют и банков. Пополняем сервисы, биржи, хостинги, рекламные сетки. Livecoin, Paypal, Webmoney, Paymer, Perfect Money, Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin, WEX, Epese, Capitalist, Yandex Money, QIWI, EXMO, eCoin, Payza , WIRE transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Virtual Cards , PrivatBank 24, Any of Russian Banks , Money Gram, Western Union, RIA, Unistream, Contact, Anelik, Золотая Корона.

Trust Score: 369.6


Global Axis Exchange is a trading name of Global Axis Nigeria Limited with a registration number RC651711 in Nigeria and also has a sister company Global Axis Solutions Limited registered in United Kingdom with registration number 08296991. We are proud to be recognized for the high-quality electronic currency services we offer, as well as our commitment to the currency community. We offer the best, fastest and discreet digital currency exchange services at affordable rates to our customers.

Trust Score: 528.6


NigeriaGoldExchange.ng is the best exchanger and epayment platform out of Nigeria since 2009. We are fully automated and deliver instantly of Perfect Money and other major ecurrencies. You can Buy and Sell Perfect Money and other major ecurrencies on our platform cheaply and easily through local bank deposit and transfer, NGE Voucher, Interswitch and our Verified Resellers. Also, you can exchange other ecurrencies INSTANTLY on our platform to Perfect Money. Join us and experience world-class service!

Trust Score: 1762.5


Sahib Exchange.com Exchange, Buy Sell, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill, PayPal, Ukash, and PaySafeCards e-currencies to and from Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa, Instant Loading, Exchanges between e-currencies. We are WorldWide Best, Efficient and Cheap e-Currency Exchanger/eCashout. We have since December, 2008 helped thousands of our numerous clients make payments online through our exchange service. We are trusted by Pakistanies because we go beyond their imagination when solving their e-payment problems.

Trust Score: 649.5


Exchangernet.com is an exchange network and best platform for exchange digital currency. Here you can exchange Digital Currency and easily convert money from dollars to your account. You can exchange buy-sell here completely securely and fully safe. Exchange your currency between- WebMoney, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BTC, LTC, ETH other digital currency. Exchange your currency here undoubtedly.

Trust Score: 581.5


Internetmoney.exchange предоставляет сервис по обмену титульных знаков Perfect Money на банковские счета и карты а также другие платежные системы. Internetmoney.exchange provides a service for the exchange Perfect Money in bank accounts and cards as well as other payment systems.

Trust Score: 851


Ebuyexchange.com whatsapp number is +17272220606 , We accept All Credit Card including Virtual, Master Card / Debit and Visa Card also payments By Western Union, Moneygram, Bank wire, bitcoins and all digital currencies. Ebuyexchange Provides fast and secure e-currency exchange to its clients with excellent services.

Trust Score: 994.4


We specialize in providing a secure and efficient platform for exchanging various cryptocurrencies, ensuring quick and reliable. Bank transfer, Btc , Mobile Money. Our whatsapp support is +243 999 915 975

Trust Score: 994.4


Our company Kraizman.Com has worked in the market of electronic payment systems in Israel and Europe since 2005. Our main advantages are - high reliability, efficiency and safety of the transactions. We have no minimum / maximum charge, you can transfer or cash almost any amount. We focus on long-term cooperation with our customers, not only within Israel but also in CIS countries, including Russia. We work quickly, reliably and in that have good reputation.

Trust Score: 404.7

  https://autotienao.com AUTOMATED  

AutoTienAo.com - Automatic and instant exchange Bitcoin - PerfectMoney - Usdt, buy/sell e-currency and cryptocurrency through local allbank in Vietnam, automated exchange instant Perfect Money to other e-Currencies or exchange from others currencies to Perfect Money. Our system is fully automatic with SSL encryption, and support 24/7 by email, live chat, zalo, skype and phone to ensure all transaction of customers.

Trust Score: 519.2


Ukr-Obmen.com представляет собой сервис по обмену электронных валют, по оплате услуг мобильной связи и интернет. Мы работаем на рынке финансов с 2013 года. Мы станем надёжным партнёром Вам, который не подведёт Вас при работе. Ukr-Obmen.com is a service for the exchange of electronic currencies, payment of mobile communication and the Internet. We have been working in the financial market since 2013. We will become a reliable partner to you, that does not let you down at work.

Trust Score: 1263.1

  https://bosspm.com AUTOMATED  

BossPm.com is fully automated exchange service for virtual currencies such as Perfect Money with local bank transfer in Vietnam. We support popular banks in Vietnam such as: VCB,ACB,VTB,...Our system is a fast and secure exchange services with SSL encryption, and support 24/7 to ensure all transaction of customers.

Trust Score: 520.4

  http://bit-changer.net AUTOMATED  

BIT-CHANGER.NET - Our exchange service will help You to buy, sell or exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other in AUTOMATIC mode. Without breaks seven days a week. We work quickly, honestly and professionally. We are customer-oriented and are responsible for the quality of each completed transaction on our website. Our operators are online 9:00 to 21:00 seven days a week and ready to consult on any issues.

Trust Score: 2279.1


MYINVESTSTORY.COM - leading exchanger of Perfect Money in Poland. You can buy/sell PM using Polish bank transfers. We ensure constant availability of PM. The exchanger works since 2013. MYINVESTSTORY.COM - wiodacy kantor Perfect Money w Polsce. Mozesz kupic/sprzedac dolary PM za pomoca przelewow z polskich bankow. Zapewniamy stala dostepnosc dolarow PM. Kantor dziala od 2013 roku.

Trust Score: 2279.1


ARRAExchanger is a manual and semi automatic exchange . which provide exchanges through Indian Rupee ( INR ) and supports methods like IMPS , bank transfer , upi etc . we provides services 7 days a week from 9am to 10 pm. WhatsApp support : +918838359714

Trust Score: 137.3


Naira2Dollar is Nigerias trusted and reliable place to buy and sell digital currency at cheaper rates

Trust Score: 844.3


We are the fastest and most reliable E-Currency exchange system in Pakistan ... We provide trustworthy service and very convenient ways to exchange all kinds of Electronic / Digital Currencies like Perfect Money and so many others . We accept Deposit and Withdrawal with local banks , Westren Union , Mobile Financial Services and many other payment methods .Our Site is SSL certified and backed up by Code Guard and all the transactions can be done safely on our platform. Our 24/7 Customer support will provide you with professional assistance for any issue.

Trust Score: 358.2


Paxchange is Ghana and South Africas realtime e-currency exchanger. With years of experience, we are trusted by our ever growing customers base. With our excellence 24/7 customer support we fulfil orders in minutes.

Trust Score: 1040.8


Reliable Currency Exchange Solution from The Kingdom Bank: A fast and secure platform where you can exchange Bitcoin, USDT, EURO, and USD and facilitate payouts.

Trust Score: 11.7


OurExchanger is a manual and semi-automatic exchanger. Since September 2017 we are providing Fast, Easy and reliable Ecurrency Exchanger service in India, Sri Lanka amp; Australia. You can exchange INR,LKR, AUD with Perfect Money USD via OurExchanger.

Trust Score: 667.7


Brief - Bitobmen.net is a fully automatic service for exchanging Perfect money for the most popular cryptocurrencies and other electronic currencies.

Trust Score: 431.6


On our site you can exchange electronic currencies by profitable rates.

Trust Score: 779


Vapsy Exchange Service - have financial licence from Israel Ministry of Finance. We exchange electronic money for cash in Israel more than 8 years. We have branches in 6 Israel cities where you can instantly top up your Perfect Money wallet or withdrawal PM USD for cash NIS.

Trust Score: 108.8

  https://www.fintechgodwin.com AUTOMATED  

Fintech Godwin est une plateforme dinterconnexion qui favorise linteropérabilité des solutions de transfert dargent en reliant les cryptomonnaies aux services de transfert mobile et bancaire en Afrique et dans le monde.Notre objectif est de répondre à lensemble de vos besoins en matière déchange et de transfert dargent, en promouvant linteropérabilité des systèmes.

Trust Score: 373.1

  https://coinbox.pw AUTOMATED  

Automatic exchange

Trust Score: 155.8

  https://24obmen.org/index AUTOMATED  

Сервис обмена предназначен для тех, кто хочет быстро, безопасно и по выгодному курсу обменять электронные валюты,так же действует накопительные скидки,для зарегистрированных пользователей

Trust Score: 514.7


User-friendly interface, speed, and reliability! Professional and responsive advisors - all this is waiting for you on our electronic service and cryptocurrencies on our Egyptian website for exchange banks. Here you can redeem Vodafone Cash, InstaPay, Orange Money @ Etisalat Cash USDT TRC20, USDC, Tron, PayPal, Perfect Euro, Perfect money USD, Advanced Cash, Payeer, USD Eur

Trust Score: 345.5


Topcash.me offers an automatic exchange Perfect Money 24/7. Input and output PM USD/BTC, exchange for electronic money, cryptocurrency or Visa/Mastercard. Online support via chat, Telegram and mail. Topcash.me - fast, profitable, easy!

Trust Score: 254.9


Best Trusted site with good currency resources in Bangladesh. Change your wallet safely and instantly. We accept bKash, ROCKET, bank payment, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, Payoneer, Perfect Money, BTC and any types of crypto currencies.

Trust Score: 467.7


Rupeechanger.com is an Online Exchange Service provider in India. UPI to Perfectmoney, UPI to Webmoney, UPI to Payeer, more at Cheapest Rates. Convert your E-currencies Reserve into Indian Rupee (INR TO USD EXCHANGE / USD to INR). We accept all Indian payment methods like Paytm, UPI, Phonepe, Gpay, Bank transfers, IMPS etc... We Accept E-wallet like Perfectmoney, Skrill, Advcash, Payeer, Netteler, USDT, Webmoney, Payoneer, Wise, Pyypl more for Investing, Trading, Auto surfs, High Yield Investment Plans, Online Product Purchase and many more purposes. We Help You to Convert Rupees to E-wallet and Buy/sell and Exchange using our App/ Website in India. We can help you to Send, Receive, Exchange, Shopping Payment, or Accept online Payment easily to your Personal Account. We are available on 365 days from 08:30 AM - 10:30 PM (GMT+ 5:30) Support available via Whatsapp Live chat.

Trust Score: 197.3


GAW Exchange is a company selling, buying and selling e-currency and cryptomnia. It is based in Benin more precisely in the capital. It is operational 16h / 24h and 7d / 7d. Security, trust and honesty are these currencies

Trust Score: 337.6


Ptycash.com Exchanger is one of the most reliable and secure website. You can trust us without any hesitation. We accept Perfecmoney, Tether,. Webmoney, Money-Go, Advcash, Payeer and many more. Since: 2021 we are giving our best support.

Trust Score: 241.3


Exrency is an online dollar buy sell e-currency exchanger in bd. We also providing crypto currency exchange service all over the world. User can exchange their crypto with fiat currency easily with us. Also have opportinity to convert one crypto coin with another. We are also providing e-dollar buy sell service with your local currency like Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, local bank transfer and much more.

Trust Score: 486.3


Established in 2007, Centregold has great reputation. We specialize in selling digital currencies, such as Perfect Money and cryptocurrencies by credit cards: American Express is our preferred card. We also accept bank wires in USD and EUR. Fast and convenient service with robust and friendly user interface.

Trust Score: 816.9


Dollarbuysell24.com Exchanger is reliable and secure website in BD. You can trust us without any hesitation. Super Fast and secure exchange service. 100 satisfaction guarantee. We are providing services for the development of freelancers. No hidden charge. And good rate. Hope you will be satisfied with the rate. And WhatsApp support is available all the time.

Trust Score: 242.2


Nous proposons des services dachat et de vente de monnaies électroniques au Bénin, tels que Perfect Money. Notre plateforme assure des paiements automatiques et sécurisés.

Trust Score: 513.1


аш Сервис производит обмен электронных валют Perfect Money, Bitcoin и других электронные валют между собой, а так же ввод/вывод на карты банков России, Украины и Казахстана. Динамичные курсы, Партнерская программа, Система скидок. Our service exchanges e-currencies Perfect Money, Bitcoin and other e-currencies among themselves, as well as the I / O card on the banks of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Dynamic courses Partner program, discounts.

Trust Score: 406.4

  https://acexchanger.com AUTOMATED  

1 digital and cryptocurrency exchange in the world! www.acexchanger.com offers wide range of payment methods to buy sell or exchange almost any digital or cryptocurrency. Our goal is to provide our customers with the state-of-the art secure trade platform with 24/7 live support. Also you can buy Perfect Money or USDT on our website within 10 minutes using Banks or E-Currency. Just sign up, pick the best payment method for you and proceed!

Trust Score: 193.3


Lionex.net is exchanger that providing best service. We Buying and selling Perfect Money with banks and e-currencies. Best rates and service.

Trust Score: 543.3


Buy Sell Exchange Perfect Money via Western Union, Money Gran, RIA, Bank Wire and SEPA Transfer. Cashout via Visa/Master Card, Local Bank Transfer and Mobile Payment. Exchange with Bitcoin and others Cryptocurrency within few minutes!

Trust Score: 118


Buy - Sell - Exchange automatic Perfect Money - EntroMoney - WebMoney 24/7. We are cheapest,fastest, and support 24/7.

Trust Score: 745.9


Brumble.cz is the first official exchanger in Czech Republic. Our team provides exchange services for various e-currencies for Czech and Slovak customers. We have accounts in more than 10 Czech banks so transfers can be done easily and without any delays. Customer is always dealing with operator via chat window. This brings transparency and security to both sides. Welcome and enjoy.

Trust Score: 288.7


Exchanger is one of the most reliable and secure website. You can trust us without any hesitation. We accept Perfecmoney, Tether,. Webmoney, Money-Go, Advcash, Payeer and many more. Since: 2021-2023 we are giving our best support.

Trust Score: 24.1


Nigeria No 1 Perfect Money certified partner. Offers the cheapest rate in the market with instant funding. You can buy and sell Perfect Money and other major e-currencies on our platform through local bank deposit, internet banking, mobile banking and ATM fund transfer etc. We have top notch customer support working day and night to provide the best service to our clients. Try us today for the best service.

Trust Score: 405.3


Jamii Exchange is the best and global e-currency exchange platform that provides more than 250 exchange directions of multiple currencies such as BTC, USDT ETH, LTC, XRP, USDC, BUSD, TRON, BNB, DOGE, Perfect Money, Payeer, with USD, EUR, CDF, TZS, UGX, ZMW, KES, Mobile Money ( Airtel Money, MTN MoMo, M-Pesa, Tigo-Pesa, Orange Money). With a big volume of transactions on a daily basis, we continue to add new currencies and improve upon existing ones.

Trust Score: 127.6


OneExchanger.com is e-currency and crypto-currency exchanger

Trust Score: 145.4


We provide semi-automatic exchange services for the popular e-currencies, Registered members can enjoy a discount of 0.01 – 0.06 according to the total exchange amount, Promotion of our website enjoys Promotion Commission of our profit 0.10 – 0.15 and our exchanges take 3-10 minutes to be completed.

Trust Score: 112.7

  https://elibrax.com AUTOMATED  

Enjoy hassle-free exchange solutions, increase conversion, manage risk and expand into new markets faster than ever. We accept Perfect Money, FasaPay, Advcash,Tether, USD Coin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can make a local payouts and local payins around the world.

Trust Score: 26.5

  https://www.2ndmoney.com/index.php?merchant=14 AUTOMATED  

2ndmoney.com is Fully Automated Exchange Service 24/7 Days. 2ndmoney.com accept multiple payment options and ever easy of usage. 2ndmoney.com accept Fawry, Masary, Aman, Momken, Sadad, Opay, Vodafone cash, Etisalat Cash, orange Money, Mobile Cards, Cash and more.

Trust Score: 666.4


The online exchanger EXLINE.PRO offers services for the rapid exchange of cryptocurrency and electronic money with the selection of the most favorable rate.Онлайн-обменник EXLINE.PRO предлагает услуги по быстрому обмену криптовалюты и электронных денег с подбором самого выгодного курса.

Trust Score: 484.7


Bestxbd provide Dollar Buy, Sell, Exchange Service in Bangladesh. We are in this business past 1 years and we have gained broad reputation. User can Buy, Sell or Exchange All the services we provide. Our watchword to provide service Bangladeshies Freelancer, Captcha worker, Data entry worker, Data Conversation worker and varies type freelancing service worker get his/her payment with lowest fees and without hassle free.

Trust Score: 34.4


We are locally doing exchange business. now are launched International exchange platform. You can exchange your currency from our platform with less fees than others. We actively give support so if you face any problem, you can knock us on our live support.

Trust Score: 298.9


BSEIT.com provide quick and easy service to buy sell or exchange perfect money to/from Alipay, WeChat, Bank transfer India, China, Russia Europe, UPI- India, EXMO, Paysera, Payeer, Revolut, SEPA, VISA/Master Card, Webmoney, BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP. We work worldwide but our main focus is China, India, Russia, Ukraine and Europe. We support CNY, INR, RUB, UHA, USD and Crypto coins. Exchange directions are being updated regularly.

Trust Score: 532.4


Online exchanger LEOexchanger gives the possibility of automatic currencies exchange quickly and safely, and most importantly, at the best exchange rate, exchange PerfectMoney to other e-currencies, deposits from and withdrawals to your bank accounts and cards.

Trust Score: 950.6


SanTienAo is a fast and secure exchange services for virtual currencies such as Perfect Money with Local Bank Transfers in Vietnam. We support 3 most popular banks in Vietnam such as: Vietcombank (Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam), ACB (Asia Commercial Bank), Vietin (Vietnam Bank for Industry and Trade). We process customers within less than 30s.

Trust Score: 59.5

  https://www.xmoney.cc AUTOMATED  

XMoney.cc - осуществляет автоматический обмен Perfect Money, а также вывод на рублевые банковские карты, счета физических и юридических лиц. Мы предлагаем нашим клиентам: низкие комиссии, приемлемую скорость обработки заявок, качественную техподдержку, безопасные обмены, высокий уровень конфиденциальности, хорошие скидки и выгодную партнерскую программу.

Trust Score: 676.5


PP2PM provides exchange solutions ranging from Perfect Money, Bitcoin, PayPal, GBP payments, EUR SEPA transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram and a whole range of others. Exchanges are instant, fast and secure. We also support USD SWIFT, Indian Rupee, South African Rand, Philippine Peso and other Asian and African currencies.

Trust Score: 415.7


2changer.com is best for lower cost and fast payment services for money Exchange, Buy Sell. 2changer.com is Trusted site in the world. You may exchange your money safely and instantly with our services. Also you may take support instantly by our chat section or Call our Official number. Executing exchanges : Perfect Money, Airtm, WebMoney, Payeer, Advcash, Uphold, Coinbase, EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, Cryptocurrency, Amazon.com Gift Cards and many more in future.

Trust Score: 408.8


Coin-Bank.co – is the leading automatic electronic exchange service and cryptocurrency. We run exchange, input and output: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, Visa Mastercard, BTC-e codes, Exmo, Yandex. Money, as well as carry out bank transfers via Russia to CIS countries and abroad.

Trust Score: 332.6

  https://ru-change.cc AUTOMATED  

Ru-change.cc is a fast and safe exchanger. We buy and sell the PM for the most popular banks. We guarantee our clients the excellent courses and a quick exchange. Discounts for registered. Ru-change.cc - быстрый и безопасный обменник. Мы продаем и покупаем PM за самые популярные банки и гарантируем нашим клиентам отличные курсы и быстрый обмен. Скидки зарегистрированным.

Trust Score: 332.6


Сервис ввода, вывода криптовалют и других электронных валют.

Trust Score: 271.5


Using the X-OBMEN service, you can exchange currencies online, buy/sell electronic coins and fiat funds. Thanks to continuous monitoring of competitors, our service allows us to anticipate changes in the market, identify new trends and remain always in trend, which favorably affects exchanges.

Trust Score: 167.2


Bdpaids Exchanger is one of the most reliable, fast and secure Buy Sell Exchange Platform in Bangladesh. It is Best Trusted site with good currency resources in the world. Change your Perfect Money, Payeer and Advcash safely and instantly. You can trust us without any hesitation. We accept Bitcoin, Tether TRC20 USDT, Tron TRX. Webmoney, Perfect money, Advcash, Payeer Money-Go, Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay and many more E-currency.

Trust Score: 498.5


FlashExchange is your personal currency exchange service.It allows you to make currency exchanges anywhere in the world, wherever you are. You can submit a currency exchange from any device: mobile phone, tablet or computer. We value our reputation. The main motto of our service is absolute transparency and honesty. You can be confident in the safety of your funds while using our exchange services on FlashExchange.

Trust Score: 110.7


ExchangeTeam.cc - fast and reliable e-currency exchanger. Buy / Sell e-currency through Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, Bitcoin and BTC-e. We have low commissions and our support is always online for you. We have many years of experience and knowledge and thus able to afford requested services with a high level of quality.

Trust Score: 112.8


247xchanger is a leading, fast, efficient, and convenient digital currency exchange service in Nigeria. Since 2013, we have been offering fast exchange at an unbeatable low rate. Accepted payments methods are local bank deposit/transfer or debit card payment.

Trust Score: 1204.2


Обменный пункт Obmen.Cash осуществляет быстрые и выгодные обмены Perfect Money. Наш онлайн сервис выполнит вашу заявку в короткие сроки и по выгодному курсу. Вы сможете вывести или полонить ваш счет в Perfect Money с использованием следующих банков: Сбербанк, Связной банк, Альфа-банк, Тинькофф Кредитные Системы.

Trust Score: 317


EndoPay is leading E-currency Exchanger, Our platform is automated and you can be rest assured of instant exchange. We serve clients in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Trust Score: 925.1


Our WhatsApp is: +2348127076313. Astripay is the fastest growing exchanger in any market she participates in. We recently merged with www.epay.com.ng a company established in 2012. Astripay has experienced rapid growth due to our loyal customers patronage and our commitment to excellent customer service. We have an excellent management team that is absolutely committed to making sure that you, our customers leave every transaction with a smile on your faces. Our philosophy is happy customer, happy business. We can only be happy when we know that we have satisfied you. We believe that there is no limit to human improvement as long as we put our minds to it.

Trust Score: 351.5


Welcome to lincbrolxchange,a reliable exchange platform with professional team and swift customer care service. Our servive are available 24/7/365days with lowest fees and rates in the market. We sell and buy perfectmoney using western union, moneygram, ria,you can also withdraw your perfectmoney through us and receive an instant cash back of the equivalent amount. Our office locations are lagos,abuja and ijebu-ode respectively. Visit our website now,place your order and receive instant funding.

Trust Score: 16.5


We have the best rates. Simply start your exchange right now. Sign up for our parther program and earn commission from each exchange. The earnings are credited in your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away.

Trust Score: 116.4


Dollarpesa - crypto exchange service, provides an automatic and instant Perfect Money to Redotpay other e-Currencies, we buy/sell and exchange Bitcoin to PerfectMoney to Redotpay to Bkash To Perfect Money to Pyypl to Perfect Money to USDT to Nagad to Perfect Money to Payeer to Webmoney to Perfect Money to Binance to Bybit to Perfect Money to Kucoin to Perfect Money to Airtm to Cashmaal to Perfect Money to Advcash to Perfect Money to Payoneer to Perfect Money to Bank to Perfect money . We providing lowest fee on the market. Our support service will provide 24/7 customer service for all clients.

Trust Score: 54.6


BestChange is a specialized online e-currency exchange service that monitors rates for dozens of popular conversion pairs in near real-time and offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers capable of helping you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.

Trust Score: 367.7


Paspar.net is an exchange office with which you can automatically exchange between Perfect Money and other electronic currencies. You will also be able to top up your Perfect Money wallet or withdraw from it in Ukraine with a bank card. Operations are instantaneous, and the support service is always ready to help you.

Trust Score: 165.2


C3Gold is a registered company. Our services enables you to Buy, Sell And Exchange Perfect Money with us. Quick support available 24/7.

Trust Score: 274.2


Our services include buying, selling and exchange of Perfect Money worldwide via our website and in our local offices in South Africa. We support automatic and semi-automatic mode of exchange with low commission.

Trust Score: 274.2


Наш онлайн сервис осуществляет быстрый ввод/вывод Perfect Money в странах Балтии. Мы выполним вашу заявку в самые короткие сроки. Наш сервис предлагает самые низкие комиссии, быстрые операции по обмену на другие платежные системы, качественное обслуживание и надежность. Our exchange service will help you to buy, sell or exchange Perfect Money. Exchange your e-currency with the lowest rates. Our helpful support will make your exchange easy and fast.

Trust Score: 519.2


Our goal is excellent service, speedy delivery and total dedication towards customers’ support and satisfaction. At Itu Global, you will get fair Perfect Money exchange rates and impartial first-class customer services. We are your reliable source for fast Perfect Money funding and converting your e-currency to cash.

Trust Score: 217.8


Exchange PerfectMoney is a manual e-currency exchange service. We have over 10 exchange directions, including BTC, ETH, LTC, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, USDT, Perfect Money, e-Voucher, and Payeer, Airtm, Webmoney transactions perform more than 200 transactions per day, receive many positive reviews every month, and provide high-quality technical support 24/7. Everything is changing for the better.

Trust Score: 150.9


Welcome to World Ultra Fast service provider! Buy/deposit Perfect Money within 10 Minutes via Western Union or Money Gram!! Its unbelievable!! Sell/withdrawal Perfect Money within 1-24 hours! Client also can buy PM via Bank Wire and RIA Money Transfer. Please visit our DELIVERY page and place a small order to check our Quality service, Thank You.

Trust Score: 76.5


Yeschanger is an Online E-currency Buy Sell and Exchange Platform. It is Best Trusted site with good currency resources in the world. Change your Perfect Money safely and instantly. We accept Perfect Money Exchange for WebMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bank payment, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Binance USD BUSD, Rocket, Coinbase, Binance Coin, Binance P2P, Bitcoin Cash BCH, ardano ADA, Dash, Ripple XRP, Monero XMR, Solana SOL, bKash, Tether USDT (BEP20), Shiba Inu Shib, Ethereum Classic ETC, PayPal, Tether (ERC20) USDT, Tether (TRC20) USDT, Tron TRX, TrueUSD TUSD, Skrill, Polkadot DOT, Neteller, USD coin USDC, Nagad, YippiePAY FINEXUS MYR, Zcash ZEC, Master Card, Visa Card, Crypto currency more E-currency.

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Exchange point BTCTENGE offers servises in fast and reliable exchange, input-output Perfectmoney for all countries. We are working with such payment systems: Payeer, Advcash, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Kaspi Bank, Qazkom Bank, Halyk Bank, ATF Bank and Visa/MasterCard in Kazakhstan.

Trust Score: 87.9


Обменный онлайн-пункт «Money-Office» — это современный сервис, готовый к ежедневным крупным сделкам и объемам. Сервис включает в себя многообразие валют и платежных систем по самым выгодным курсам: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR, XRP, ZEC, USDT, QIWI, Visa/Master Card и многие другие. Совершая обмен можно вывести свои электронные деньги на карту любого банка. Со всем перечнем можно ознакомиться на сайте, а также Вы можете задать любой интересующий Вас вопрос консультанту в онлайн — чате.

Trust Score: 6.9

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Сервис SuperCoin - автоматизированный обмен Perfect Money на различные электронные деньги и криптовалюты. Покупка и продажа Perfect Money с использованием банковских карт. Сервис работает круглосуточно, в режиме 24/7. SuperCoin service is an automated exchange of Perfect Money for various electronic money and cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling Perfect Money using bank cards. The service works day and night, 24/7

Trust Score: 42.4


http://u-s-m-exchange.com - is a fast and secure automated exchange service for electronic currencies with low fees of the securities PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other crypto, and with Togolese banks. Support in English/French 24/24, 7/7.

Trust Score: 23.6


Our service allows users to exchange their funds quickly and safely. Each exchange request is processed manually, and the support team is ready to respond in a matter of seconds and help solve any problem. Over the time of our work, we have gained a reputation as a reliable service that values our customers. Our team looks forward with confidence and ready to evolve to provide customers with even better services.

Trust Score: 10.3


Для клиентов на сервисе имеется широкий выбор криптовалют: Bitcoin, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether и многие другие. Самые популярные направлений обмена такие как обмен на бтс на киви или обмен киви на рубли, банки и банковские карты, платежные системы Western uniоn, а так же многие другие виды обменов. Вам гарантируется полная безопасность и высокая скорость обмена. Зарегистрированным пользователям мы предлагаем еще большие выгоды, а именно партнерскую программу, благодаря которой вы можете зарабатывать не выходя из дома. Выгодные курсы обмена криптовалюты в реальном времени.

Trust Score: 26.1


Certified automatic exchanger that allows you to buy and sell Perfect Money, a flexible system of discounts and affiliate program.

Trust Score: 86.2


Мы обмениваем PM, BTC, BTC-коды. Предлагаем полный спектр услуг, а именно: купим вашу валюту за наличные, доставка курьером в Ваш город, за валютный перевод SWIFT, за любой банковский перевод по РФ; за кеш-ин в Альфа банк, за Манигрем/Вестерн/Корону и др. We exchange PM and BTC for cash and via SWIFT transfer: China, Nigeria, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, France and other countries. We receive and send money via system Moneygram and WesternUnion.

Trust Score: 4.4


С помощью нашего сервиса можно сделать безопасный обмен Perfect Money на Bitcoin и обратно, обмен Perfect Money на любой банк РФ.

Trust Score: 19.1

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Exchange.blue is an automated exchange service provider. Secure and Instant Perfect Money to Bitcoin exchange platform. Always competitive fees, full transparency and individual approach to every client. Round the clock friendly customer support is available.

Trust Score: 4.2

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0ur Automated exchanger is designed for those who wants to exchange these types of electronic currencies quickly, safely and at a favorable rate with fully automated mode: Bitcoin , Perfect Money, Visa/Master Card, Western uniоn, MoneyGramm ,Bank Wire Transfer , Mastercard / Visa ,Sepa Transfer and many other e currency WITH HIGH RESERVES. Our Multilanguage team DE, IT, RO, EN is waiting to help you 24/7, 365/1.

Trust Score: 11.4


OofChanger.com is an e-currency and cryptocurrency exchanger operating since January 2022. We are proud to be one of the oldest and most trusted exchangers in the market. Our Perfect Money transactions are efficiently processed within 5 to 10 minutes. For your convenience, we provide live chat, email, and WhatsApp support 12 hours a day.

Trust Score: 57.7


Coinchange.top provides services for input output of electronic currencies to Bank accounts cards of Russia and SNG countries. We offer our customers: low fees, acceptable processing speed, high-quality technical support, secure exchanges, high level of confidentiality, good discounts and profitable affiliate program.

Trust Score: 3.2


NewLine.online - полуавтоматический обменный сервис титульных знаков. Perfect Money, Qiwi, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Btc-e коды, Exmo коды, Альфа-кэшин, Банки РФ, Наличные - во всех направлениях. Вас уже ждут низкие курсы, вежливая техподдержка и быстрый обмен!

Trust Score: 0


Bixter.org is a fast and reliable currency exchange service with a unique interface. We work for you 24/7. Our professional and efficient technical support service will answer any of your exchange questions.

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To become a Certified Partner

If you have a working business on exchange of electronic currencies or on conducting of financial operations and you have shown yourself in the payment market, you have a great opportunity to become our Certified Exchange Partner. We provide special working conditions for all Certified Exchange Partners.

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